An strange idea crosses your mind. Not so much an idea, it's more like a feeling. As if something had always been in your mind but you never took the time to pay attention to it. You can feel it. A voice echoes in your head.

Wake up! You've slept enough!

They will do anything to keep you asleep, so they are the only ones awake and can manipulate everything as they please. Aren't you aware of your potential? You could do anything that you wanted.

When people change something for the better, a powerful energy is released. It's so strong that anybody can feel it, however asleep they are. But now almost nobody remembers how to harness it.

The opportunity is in your hands. If we have woken you up it's because we know that you will want to remember. Or at least that's what we expect from you.

Seek out spaces where people are making waves, where you can feel that energy. Help them, and when they get it, make sure you are close at hand to share out the benefits. You will be empowered and you'll take your game up to the next level.

Or you can ignore everything we've told you and carry on sleeping. They will surely thank you for it but we will stay in the game.


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